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Who We Are

Just Education Matters was founded in September 2019 by Joan Hall, Esther Maynard and Annette Mccrea to address inequalities in education particularly in the area of school exclusions and other related issues.

Our Vision

We want to see an end to inequality in educational outcomes. We aim to achieve this by: changing the education landscape through reducing the incidents of exclusions for groups disproportionately excluded from education and reversing the trend of over-representation for these groups.

What Do We Do?

We support parents to support their children by providing training, advice, advocacy and support using a proactive approach to improve the educational outcomes for children including:
Providing advice and support to parents and their children
Providing training to parents and young people on their rights and options
Providing training to parents and community groups on exclusion related issues
Working with schools, local authorities and relevant professionals on reducing exclusions


Joan Hall

I’m passionate about what I do, but I wish it wasn’t necessary. I despise unfairness, injustice and Afriphobia and currently that's the status of the education system. That makes it ill-suited to bring out the best in ALL children. I work to address that lack of awareness by supporting parents and communities to navigate the school exclusions jungle in all its guises. We must dare to reimagine better educational spaces


Annette McCrea

Hello, I’m Annette and I make up one third of the JEM trio.
I love children and I’m passionate about the work that we do because, not only does it help to achieve more positive outcomes for our children and young people, but it equips families with very useful knowledge and empowers them to support others.
“Teaching children to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best”.


Esther Maynard

I am all about justice, fairness and respect for human dignity. For me denying any child their education and treating them as outcasts because they don't fit the 'mould' goes against all I stand for. This is why I do this work because 'EVERY CHILD REALLY DOES MATTER' to me and I am determined to fight their corner. I am truly blessed to be working with people who care as much as I do.

Change to Working with the Community

As a community interest company we have a duty to work with local communities to further our aims. Community participation is core to what we do and we make this a priority regardless of any legal obligations. We will continue to build our capacity within the community as we grow. Below are some of the organisations we have engaged with.